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 "Jacob was extremely responsive and returned my initial phone call promptly. He provided exactly the information I was seeking and found a health plan with a large network of health providers that meets our family's needs. In addition, I found Jacob to be friendly, courteous, and helpful. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone seeking an individual health plan, disability or life insurance."

Chris M., Fishers, IN 

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 "Thank you Jacob Gorden and Heartland Health Insurance for helping my mom find great coverage at a reasonable premium. She thought health insurance for 2017 (skyrocketing premiums were out of reach)...but you found coverage that fit her needs and budget. Application was simple and easy! Anyone looking or curious about insurance coverage options--contact Heartland!"

Taylor S., Upperco, MD

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"Heartland Health Insurance is wonderful! Jacob is fantastic and has helped us get hooked up with a great health insurance plan for our family. Jacob walked me through all of this via the phone! Last year, I signed up via the internet on my own. But, having a broker is a far superior option than the hours it takes to research and navigate all of this by your self. Jacob, thank you so much! "

Angela V., Grover, MO

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 "I do not hesitate to highly recommend Jacob and Heartland Health Insurance to anyone who is looking for health insurance for themselves and their family.  After spending time researching the options online and speaking with other brokers, once I spoke with Jake I knew I’d found the right partner to help us make the best decision on a health insurance policy for our family.  Jake took the time to understand our situation and what coverage we were interested in, and did a fantastic job of breaking down all of the various options in a way that made them easy to understand.  We were operating on a very short time frame, with my COBRA election period expiring, and Jake worked with the underwriters to get our approval in time to avoid a costly COBRA election.  It is a great feeling to have someone like Jacob on your side as you try to navigate through the confusing waters of health insurance these days.” 

John B., Tierra Verde, FL

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"Thank you for making our life easy while searching for suitable health insurance. My wife and I having recently expanding our business into the USA from UK are extremely busy, and to search out the best options was made very easy by Heartland. Your attention to detail, and patience with understanding our requirements is much appreciated. We definitely recommend Heartland as the best place to find uncomplicated choices of health insurance, with excellent customer service.”

Bryan and Lisa B., Champaign, IL

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 "I was in need of a health insurance policy to bridge me for two months before I turn 65 and go on a Medicare insurance Plan. I was pleased to have Jacob Gorden help me get the coverage I needed at a good price . The process was easy and the fear of selecting a policy was alleviated by Jacob’s knowledge of insurance policies that were available for my circumstance. I highly recommend Jacob Gorden and Heartland Health Insurance."

Barbara B., Sandy Ridge, NC 

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