Insurance buying process

We realize that buying health insurance is not the most exciting activity in your day.  In fact, for many people it can be quite stressful because the need for new coverage often comes at the time of a life changing event.  We thought we'd lay out the steps so you know how easy we make it for you.

  1.  Call us! Email and text can be great and sometimes necessary, but the quickest and most efficient way to get this done is to give us a call.
  2.  Tell us your current needs and situation.  Everyone's situation is different, so our first priority is listening to you and your story.
  3.  Provide us with your personal information so we can give you accurate quotes.  More specifically, we'll need your zip code, dates of birth for those to be insured, genders of those to be insured, and whether anyone smokes.
  4.  Provide us with your brief health history.  Anyone taking medications? Any chronic conditions?  Currently being treated for anything?
  5.  Your budget.  A general idea of what you had in mind to spend on coverage per month is very helpful to us.  We never assume everyone wants or can afford the same thing.  Additionally, rates are not negotiable, they are set by the insurance carriers, so giving us your budget will only help us, to help you.
  6.  Give us your timeline.  When do you need coverage to start?  In most cases, we can start coverage as soon as the next day!
  7.  Discuss options and decide on a plan.  Now that we have all the facts, we'll customize some options that we think will work best for you, and after some discussion with you and some tweaking as needed, we're ready to move forward!
  8.  Submit application.  Once we've decided on a plan, we'll ask for some more basic info like your full names, home address, heights and weights and we'll need some payment info in order to submit your app to the insurance company for approval.
  9.  Sit back and relax!  Once we have all the information needed to submit your application, we do all the heavy lifting from there.  We make sure all the proper information gets submitted to the insurance company.  We'll let you know if anything else is needed, and you'll be notified once you're approved, which usually only takes a couple days.
  10.  Tell your friends!  Our business thrives mostly on referrals so please tell those closest to you of your experience with us.  We work with clients nationwide!

Seems pretty quick and painless right?  Well it is!  In most cases, we can get through these steps in 10-15 minutes, and often less!  Call now for a free quote!